Music Ministry

Sit In Choirs
The Sit-In Choirs are open to any adult who wishes to share his or her voice in leading the congregation in song.  The 5PM Mass (Helen, pianist), 8 AM Mass (Judi, director) and 10AM Mass (Chris, pianist) all have sit in choirs.  Please see the respective leader for details about participating.

Cantors proclaim the Psalm and Gospel Acclamation during the ligurgy.  Please speak with the respective leaders about becoming a cantor for a Mass. You must be able to sing well and learn music on your own to become a cantor.

We are always in need of volunteer guitarists, pianists and organists to accompany the congregation in song.  You do not need to make a weekly or even monthly commitment to volunteer.  You do not need to lead a choir or choose music for a Mass.  We just need you, your talent and your instrument.  Please see Judi Cushing if you are interested in volunteering.

Contact Suzanne Chinn for more information.